Toy machine American Monster complete 7.75″


Toy machine American Monster complete skateboard 7.75″ wide

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Toy machine American Monster complete skateboard 7.75″ wide. Toy machine completes Come assembled with Ruckus Trucks and 52mm wheels

Traditional 7-Ply – Traditional for a reason. Standard 7-ply maple wood construction, giving you a deck that is durable, sturdy and poppy without breaking the bank.

Ruckus Trucks – Ruckus trucks offer excellent turning geometry with a quick and stable turning radius. Featuring high-rebound 92a bushings with non-slip, hardened axles and kingpins.

Toy Machine 52mm Wheels – Made for smooth cruising around town or shredding in the skate park. Toy Machine wheels are quality poured for an easy ride over any surface.

ABEC 5 Pig Bearings – Fast, smooth and durable, ABEC 5 hits the sweet spot between performance and price.


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